2016 Sucked and 2017 Doesn’t Look Any Better.

2016 was a literal shit storm. Prince, Bowie, Maurice White, George Michael, Sharon Jones, and a shit ton of other talented artists died. Bowie and Prince hurt the most as they were such innovators and their music spoke to me personally.

Death also paid a visit to someone close to me as well… My mom died in August. It was rather sudden and took me off guard. I can say this is one of the most devastating things that has happened to me in a while. I’m still numb about the whole thing as I think I could have handled her illness better if I knew how serious it was. I miss my mom terribly. She was such a fantastic person… she would tell you what she thought even if you didn’t like it. As a matter of fact she predicted the Angry Cheeto would win…. Which leads me to this…

We now have a man running our country who is completely out of his depth.  A racist, anti-intellectual, con man who is running the good old, U.S of A. How did we get here? Well according to Bernie Sanders [who is getting on my nerves] and other politicians, it’s because the working white class is headed into a deadly tailspin and were tired of being ignored by the previous administration and presidential nominee H.R. Clinton. To which I say, Bullshit. When I first heard Angry Cheetos’ campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” I knew what was coming… A bunch of racist, ‘let’s blame Muslims, blacks, gays, women, etc.’ bull crap. And I wasn’t wrong. It didn’t take long for all the ‘God Bless America,” Confederate loving, xenophobic asswipes to come crawling out of the woodwork. So no, I”m not surprised he won. I’m disappointed that they brought this con man’s shell game and now we will have to suffer. The thing is they are now suffering as well. But there’s a saying that applies to those folk. “You deserve the government you voted for.” I don’t wish anything bad to happen to them, but if it does, they have to suck it up and suffer like the rest of us will. And no, I will not be reaching out to help them as some people have suggested. I’m looking at you, Bernie Sanders. To all of that I say, Fuck That Noise. I’m done with turning the other cheek.

2017 will be a challenge indeed. I hope that Trump doesn’t manage to get us killed in the while he’s meandering and Tweeting at 3:00 A.M. I guess what we can do is live each moment like it will be our last. So for me, that’s smashing my training goals, loving my friend and family, and eating like a mutha-fucka.

Know hope.